[Trailer] Once upon an island – Green tourism

Welcome to « Once upon an island – Green tourism », the series of podcast that highlights ecotourism on small islands. 

They fascinate us with their promise of peace and freedom, but did you know that small islands are pioneer territories for a more sustainable development?
With their limited resources, their biological wealth to protect, the pressures related to human activities and their heritage to preserve, small islands are true laboratories at the forefront of global change. 

Each week, the podcast gives a voice to islanders, in particular women, to develop a tourism that respects the environment. They live off the British, Greek, Tunisian coasts, or off the French, Croatian and Norwegian coasts. They share their innovations and experiments with us, concrete and inspiring solutions that can be transposed to other islands and continents.

A podcast presented by Isabelle Han and Ingrid Blanchard produced by SMILO and FRAGÎLE PORQUEROLLES, with the support of the Anna Lindh Foundation cofinanced by the European Union, and Erasmus +. 

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