1- Once upon an island – Lastovo (Croatia)

The archipel of Lastovo (Croatia): How to develop tourism within preserving the existing exceptional ecosystem of the island?

In this episode, we will explore the Croatian island of Lastovo, also known as the « untouched» or « hidden » Island. 

Currently economic activities are focused in traditional island sectors such as : agriculture, fishing and tourism. 

The advent of an increasing tourism has resulted in a shift in priorities and perspectives on the preservation of the natural environment, as building and development, specifically around the coast, have risen.

All Croatian islands are grappling with tourism demand. However, the effect of tourism is more sudden and, thus, potentially more disruptive on Lastovo than in other Adriatic islands, an effect – likely due to Lastovo history as a military site, which delayed a steady developpment process. 

Annette Mufic Trojkovic
Alexandra Horvat

Lastovo is sensitive to the seducing siren call for tourism but is well aware of its consequences in terms of protection of the Island.

The issue for Lastovo in the next few years is therefore : how to expand local economic activities which can hence create new tourism products BUT compatible with environment protection ?

To understand these issues and their stakes as well as exploring solutions to the equation, I shall host in this episode  3 emblematic guests. 

  • Alexandra Horvat, representative of the Nature Park of Lastovo
  • Annette Mufic Trojkovic local entrepreneur in the olive oil production 
  • Diana Magdic, Working at the Tourist Board of Lastovo

A podcast presented by Isabelle Han and Ingrid Blanchard produced by SMILO and FRAGÎLE PORQUEROLLES, with the support of the Anna Lindh Foundation cofinanced by the European Union, and Erasmus +. 

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Diana Magdic